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What is the meaning of Dalmatian in Hindi?

Meaning of Dalmatian in Hindi is : ऑस्ट्रिया के प्रान्त डाल्मेशिया का निवासी

Definition of word Dalmatian

  • Relating to Dalmatia or people from Dalmatia. (adjective)
    डालमटिया या दलमटिया के लोगों से संबंधित।
  • A person who is from or who lives in Dalmatia. (noun)
    एक व्यक्ति जो डालमटिया से है या जो रहता है।
  • An extinct Romance language of Croatia. (proper noun)
    क्रोएशिया की एक विलुप्त रोमांस भाषा।

Examples of word Dalmatian

  • Mariner has one prospect in the deepwater area called the Dalmatian, which is targeting 50-150 Bcfe of gross natural gas reserves.
  • Another IMDb trivia item: "In the early 1990s merchandise tied-in with the video's release was quickly pulled from shelves because the word Dalmatian had been spelled incorrectly as "Dalmation" on some of the product packaging.
  • The Dalmatian is a breed of dog known for its black or brown spots on a white coat.
  • Guinevere listened to Ellen with rapt attention, occasionally cocking her head to one side or the other as if to absorb this new information about something called a Dalmatian.
  • The Dalmatian is the favorite Fire Station dog and is most often named Sparky.
  • Such double standards from a man who molly-coddles and dances with military dictators, petty generalissimos and other leaders whose record of human rights is as spotty as a Dalmatian was a test case in hypocrisy.
  • Among Monday's pack of initial finalists, the Dalmatian was the long shot at 100-to-1.