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What is the meaning of Da in Hindi?

Meaning of Da in Hindi is : ज़िला अधिवक्ता

Definition of word Da

  • dalton (atomic mass unit) (abbreviation)
  • A great serpent in the mythology of Dahomey (proper noun)

Examples of word Da

  • n Rolla, Drake and Josh, Tom & Jerry, Saved by the Bell, Zoey 101, Ali g in da house, Da
  • Seconda strenna israelitica di F.S. C. Friedenberg maestra approvata in Trieste, Trieste: 1869; second edition with the title Da Trieste a Gerusalemme.
  • I expected it to be good, but his wife was once the top rated chef in Da Nang.
  • I think I will give this one a try during the rifle season in Da U.P. Gets a little chilly then.
  • So she had access to the best ingredients in Da Nang.
  • YangPhoto recorded one of them in Da Jiou (Pingdong City), which was conducted in a minimal fashion on his photo blog:
  • We went to the most exclusive restaurant in Da Nang, and she set it up because she sells them their ingredients.
  • A member of an aircraft reconnaissance squadron, he said he was wounded during a rocket and mortar attack in Da Nang, Vietnam, in February 1968 and in a crash landing there in June 1967.
  • YooperJack, I know what you mean about the bucks being scarce in Da UP.