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What is the meaning of Confederation in Hindi?

Meaning of Confederation in Hindi is : संयोजन

Definition of word Confederation

  • In Canada, the federal union of provinces and territories which formed Canada, beginning with New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec, and later including all the others. (proper noun)

Examples of word Confederation

  • The Genii have what we call a Confederation of Pl...
  • "The Genii have what we call a Confederation of Planets"
  • But now the Frisco teamsters and the whole Frisco Water Front Confederation is liable to back us up.
  • Our Ontario participants understand their province's place in Confederation, and are therefore comfortable about their influence with this federal government.
  • The Bank of Nova Scotia, the Bank of Montreal, Sun Life Assurance, how many corporations has Ontario poached from its "partners" in Confederation?
  • They weren't by chance poached from your partners in Confederation, were they?
  • Some believe that it is somewhat unseemly for an Ontario premier to even raise this kind of issue as if Ontario's role in Confederation is only to supply fairness, and never ever to seek it.
  • The Confederation is quite prepared to open its procurement to foreign bidding, but the position of many Cantons is ambiguous.
  • We see the provinces and territories not only as partners in Confederation, but as partners in prosperity.
  • But the process of re-Confederation is a two-way street.