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What is the meaning of Bay in Hindi?

Meaning of Bay in Hindi is : व्यूह खंड

Definition of word Bay

  • A region of Somalia. (proper noun)

Examples of word Bay

  • At first I thought they were canoes capsized, coming in keel uppermost; but the Arab declared they were sharks, and said, 'The bay is called Shark's Bay; and their coming in from the sea is an infallible sign of bad weather.'
  • Drake had stopped, in a little bay now called Drake's Bay, a few miles north of San Francisco Bay.
  • At daylight on Sunday, 29th April, a bay was discovered, and the Master was sent in to sound the entrance, the ship following closely, and soon the Endeavour anchored for the first time in Australian waters, about two miles within the entrance of Sting Ray, now Botany, Bay.
  • [3] For the narrative of the Hudson's Bay Company the reader is referred to _The Adventurers of England on Hudson Bay_, in this Series.
  • We ran into a bay nearly opposite Berner's Bay, where three or four families of Chilcats were camped who shouted when they heard us landing and demanded our names.
  • He discovered several islands during the voyage, but not the passage he sought for; though he is of opinion, that if a passage is to be found, it must be in Sir Thomas Roe's Welcome, -- a bay he discovered near an island of that name, in north latitude 64° 10 ', not far from the main land, on the west side of Hudson's Bay.
  • The next day, having only light winds, a north-westerly current set us into a deep bay or gulph, which proved to be that which Dampier has distinguished by the name of Saint George's Bay.
  • BAY - The Craighead County town of Bay is the latest in
  • Summer flounder reside in the bay bridge area from spring through autumn but it is important to note that some have been known to winter over winter in the Bay.
  • It is plain, however, that Captain Daniel and other early writers applied it to an estuary or bay a little further west than the Great Bras d'Or, separated from it by Cape Dauphin, and now known as St. Anne's Bay.