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  • In conjunction with Stella Artois, which is Belgian but has no qualms about purloining French imagery when it comes to peddling its wares to booze-hungry Brits, Anderson has created a tableau of counterfactual history.
  • They stood not far from the table and began to play on guitars, putting wrong harmonies to a well-known Neapolitan tune, whose name Artois could not recall.
  • 'Tis even said that d'Artois and d'OrlĂ©ans, those archenemies, agree only in finding her enchanting, and the rumor goes that 'twas d'Artois's influence that sent the elderly husband off post-haste to Madrid.
  • His doctrines were well received, and acquired an impetus at the beginning by the conversion of one of the leading physicians of the faculty of medicine, Deslon, the Comte d'Artois 'first physician.
  • In 1778 Mesmer was obliged for some unknown reason to leave Vienna, and went to Paris, where he was fortunate in converting to his ideas d'Eslon, the Comte d'Artois's physician, and one of the medical professors at the Faculty of Medicine.
  • In the present state of M. le Comte d'Artois 'difficulties the money would have been thrice welcome, and St. Genis felt the load of failure weighing thrice as heavily on his soul, and dreaded the reproaches -- mute or outspoken -- which he knew awaited him.
  • To tell the whole unvarnished truth, his interview with Clyffurde and his thoughtlessness in wandering along the road all alone, laden with twenty-five million francs, not waiting for the arrival of M. le Comte d'Artois 'patrol, was unthinkable.
  • When, after half an hour of this wearying cross-examination, Madame at last granted him a respite, he made a pretext of urgent business at M. le Comte d'Artois 'headquarters and took his leave of the ladies.
  • "The Lieutenant-Colonel commands the regiment, which is now known as the Regiment DauphinĂ©, the Comte d'Artois 'own," said the Major, with fine scorn.