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What is the meaning of Americanization in Hindi?

Meaning of Americanization in Hindi is :

Definition of word Americanization

  • Alternative spelling of Americanisation. (noun)

Examples of word Americanization

  • The Philippines has "a unique combination of Eastern, attentive hospitality and attitude of care and compassion mixed with what I call Americanization," said Aparup Sengupta, chief executive of Aegis Global, an outsourcing firm based in Mumbai, India, that acquired Manila-based People Support in 2008 and now employs nearly 13,000 Filipinos.
  • But the process of Americanization is going on all the same.
  • Susan Hvistendahl: Amy, I am pretty sure that "Eskina" is an Americanization of the Spanish word ...
  • (TR was the first to use the word Americanization, applied to immigrants.)
  • The majority of these institutions are in the United States, as befitting the so-called Americanization of the Holocaust.
  • Latent in much of this discussion is what I would call the Americanization read: personalization of religion.
  • This, however, led to the so-called Americanization of the community, and the female students who married in the United States usually remained there with their husbands.
  • Symbolic of the partial nature of their Americanization was their attire, which combined American with Chinese elements (fig. 9.12).
  • I loved “The Shadow of Your Smile,” and also “Emily” which Johnny had already written for a James Garner—Julie Andrews comedy called The Americanization of Emily, so I enlisted him as my overall musical director on the album.