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What is the meaning of yoni in Hindi?

Meaning of yoni in Hindi is :

Definition of word yoni

  • The female sexual organs, or a symbol of them, especially as an object of veneration within certain types of Hinduism, Buddhism, and other cultures. (noun)

Examples of word yoni

  • In some places indeed the word yoni means not source, but merely place; so, for instance, in the mantra, 'A yoni, O Indra, was made for you to sit down upon '(/Ri/k.
  • Among the nations and religions of India the yoni was the representation of the female organ of generation, and was the symbol of the prolific power of nature.
  • For that the word 'source' denotes the material cause is well known from the use of ordinary language; the earth, for instance, is called the yoni of trees and herbs.
  • The earth was the primitive pudendum or yoni which is fecundated by the solar heat, the sun, the primitive linga, to whose vivifying rays man and animals, plants and the fruits of the earth, owe their being and continued existence. "
  • In Japan, the color "cherry blossom pink" is associated with a woman's yoni, and consequently, soft-core pornographic films are called "pink movies."


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