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What is the meaning of wn in Hindi?

Meaning of wn in Hindi is :

Definition of word wn

Examples of word wn

  • Here he was shown the kethàwn which is called Estsàn-¢igìnibikeçàn, or the sacrificial stick of the holy woman, and was told how to make it and how to bury it.
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  • These guys et into office and set their wn agenda or adopt that of some other loon.
  • Scrooge hung his head to hear his wn words quoted by the Spirit, and was overcome with penitence andgrief.
  • At least, the very existence of the ISS is well-kno wn for his audience.
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  • AG on Thursday reported lower second-quarter sales and profits as its overall customer base shrank, and the divestment of its U.K. operations weighed do wn results.
  • Co. Though relatively small companies, Reno wn, Honma and Laox are well known in Japan.
  • And in an interview Monday, Katon Dawson, a former South Carolina GOP chairman and past rival with Mr. Steele for the national post, called Mr. Steele's comments "another misstep in his chairmanship" and said it was "probably in the best interest for him to step do wn."
  • Delegates were lured by the visits Ms. McMahon made to their to wn Republican groups, the once-weekly mailings she sent to their homes and the up to $50 million she has vowed to spend on the campaign.