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What is the meaning of withstand in Hindi?

Meaning of withstand in Hindi is : सामना करना

Definition of word withstand

  • To resist or endure (something) successfully. (verb)

Examples of word withstand

  • I throw my hat in with those I think will long term withstand the pressure.
  • However, one thing that hardly any government has been able to withstand is treachery within the government.
  • The lowest temperature that freeze tolerant species are able to withstand is about - 8°C.
  • We were very concerned in a lot of the sort of internal discussion, when we were advancing the Bill to the floor which revolved around what sort of response there would be to any type of mischief-making on the floor by the opponents of this legislation and, whether we could if there was an attempt to separate out gender identity and expression withstand an attempt to do that and keep the Bill intact.
  • Does an outright prohibition of automated political calls withstand the constitutional test of the First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech?
  • Haha, way to "withstand" the GOP attacks Hillary, you already have one foot in the electoral grave from the Republicans 'standpoint.
  • However, since I have patiently explained the difference between the ability to recognise a challenge to the immune system and the ability to "withstand" that challenge a couple of times now, only for Mr Clifford to ignore what was said, he cannot use ignorance as an excuse.
  • Martin O'Neill is optimistic Aston Villa can "withstand" any offers this summer from the Barclays Premier League big guns for the club's group of talented young players.