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What is the meaning of were in Hindi?

Meaning of were in Hindi is : हम

Definition of word were

  • man (human male), as in werewolf ("man-wolf"). (noun)
    आदमी (मानव पुरुष), जैसा कि वेयरवोल्फ ("मैन-वुल्फ") में है।
  • Second-person singular simple past tense indicative of be. (verb)
    दूसरा व्यक्ति एकवचन सरल भूतकाल होने का सूचक है।

Examples of word were

    • Atsiko, those books were all published by big houses, so by definition, they *were* ready for publication.
    • It was July and the hives were full of decanting honey and the _tomeguines _were in full bloom in the fields and on the floor of the pine forests.
    • This straw man argument - evidently based upon whether the detainees were captured on the battlefield - deliberately obscures the fact that they *were* affiliated and thus a part of AQ and/or the Taliban.
    • They were better when they *were* Apple Computer, but it all went to their heads or some body part after the iPod and iPhone.
    • “What were they thinking?” has become something of a cliche, but honestly, what * were* they thinking?
    • Right there on the Duke campus, an awful lot of the people I saw were college-aged, and I realized that these kids, these eighteen-, twenty-year-old kids are the ones who probably starting reading the series ten years ago when they *were* children.
    • If you, gentle reader, were to google ray kowalski cock -- not that I'm saying you *would* do that, or question your motives for doing so in any way -- but if you *were* to do that, the first two links to appear would be stories of mine.
    • My own Germanic-only substitutes for "universal" would be "all-spanning" if cosmic space were not implied from the context, and perhaps "every-worldly" if that meaning *were* implied.
    • I thought you were keeping in contact and telling me the things you were… because you honestly loved me and needed time to take care of yourself, so you could give us the chance… the same chance I gave you… at some point.