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What is the meaning of went in Hindi?

Meaning of went in Hindi is : गया
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Definition of word went

  • Simple past of go. (verb)
  • Past participle of go (verb)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of wend. (verb)
  • A course; a way, a path; a journey. (noun)

Examples of word went

  • 'You see… after those pics in the newspapers… of you giving Katya the kiss of life… after that… see… we were flooded… simply flooded… with inquiries… and all the cheaper seats went in a flash… and the reception tickets, too… all went…'
  • The mother and son were very near one to the other, close in their sympathies, and there can be but little doubt that the thoughts of the mother as she was struck went out, and perhaps _went strongly out_, to her boy who was now away from home.
  • "_And she went -- and she went_!" rumbled Pat in the bass.
  • Denum æðeling tō yppan, _the prince_ (Bēowulf), _honored by the Danes, went to the high seat_, 1815; ēode ... under inwit-hrōf, 3124; pl. þǣr swīðferhðe sittan ēodon, 493; ēodon him þā tōgēanes, _went to meet him_,
  • Denum äðeling tô yppan, _the prince_ (Beówulf), _honored by the Danes, went to the high seat_, 1815; eode ... under inwit-hrôf, 3124; pl. þær swîðferhðe sittan eodon, 493; eodon him þâ tôgeánes, _went to meet him_,

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