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What is the meaning of well being in Hindi?

Meaning of well being in Hindi is : सुख

Definition of word well being

  • Alternative spelling of well-being. (noun)

Examples of word well being

  • They did a brief walk through the house, what they call a wellbeing check, and found no one at home.
  • That gets a little frightening when I consider that my wellbeing is dependent on my understanding of what is being said in a language with which I have only minimal facility - especially when it comes to technical Spanish used in medicine.
  • To ensure long-term wellbeing, we must take an alternative approach to development, one that acknowledges the importance of environment.
  • They are probably as great a threat to our long-term wellbeing as they were when they were up and running.
  • Australia remains absolutely committed to the relationship, and to the belief that Indonesia will remain of crucial importance to Australia's long-term wellbeing just as Australia is crucial to Indonesia.


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