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What is the meaning of welfare in Hindi?

Meaning of welfare in Hindi is : हित

Definition of word welfare

  • Health, safety, happiness and prosperity; well-being in any respect. (noun)

Examples of word welfare

  • Just like #welfare cures poverty. jeromeflipo Has human adaptability (to natural and social environment) increased over time feesch @nbk1 healthy is beyond physical - can welfare state or planet cope with rising population What are side effects of human lab rats dallaslistings Supervisors needed for our Outdoor Human Directionals!!!
  • In America, the term welfare is almost a dirty word.
  • It would give new meaning to the term "welfare state" if abortion was banned!
  • The research says that when white Americans, for example, hear the term welfare, for the majority of us, it conjures up a negative connotation regarding blacks.
  • "Maybe we should start dumping the term welfare," she said.
  • In case you don't realize, the term welfare means a state of well-being for all of us, not just the Limbaughs or the Bushs or even the Obamas.
  • I assume the term welfare will soon be outlawed as we push political correctness off the edge of the American cliff.
  • When money is given to the poor, republicans call it welfare and they b! tch about it.
  • It was the favorite saying of a wealthy girl I dated briefly at school, a marketing major and self-described libertarian with sentimental notions of family and contempt for what she called the welfare state.