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What is the meaning of welcomingness in Hindi?

Meaning of welcomingness in Hindi is :

Definition of word welcomingness

  • The state or quality of being welcoming. (noun)
    स्वागत करने की अवस्था या भाव।

Examples of word welcomingness

  • * I gather from the blogs that institutionally-affiliated UUs are highly self-conscious about their inclusiveness/welcomingness/etc, which is great, but don't let it obscure the fact that there are some of us who formed out here in Enrique's metaphorical Kupier belt.
  • CHURCHLAND: It's liberating because it's an explanation of why, for so many people, there is a commonality-why there can be a meeting of minds, why they can connect and feel the kindness and generosity and welcomingness of people who are so very different in their cultural practices....