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What is the meaning of welcomingly in Hindi?

Meaning of welcomingly in Hindi is :

Definition of word welcomingly

  • In a welcoming manner. (adverb)
    स्वागत के अंदाज में।

Examples of word welcomingly

  • Usually they part welcomingly as you approach them, but not on this occasion.
  • It's a tight composition that opens up, just as many retail operations in the area do, more welcomingly to the parking lot in the rear.
  • In spite of my early fear that I would be offering weapons welcomingly to any passing serial killer, I am now a firm advocate of the knife magnet: no one really can put knives into their sheathes after each use, and a load of sharp blades in a drawer cannot be a good idea.
  • Is it the grandparent on a pittance of welfare who welcomingly takes in his pregnant granddaughter after her family disowns her?
  • The dense undergrowth would split open welcomingly offering easy paths that wound pointlessly off her course.
  • One of the side gates had been left welcomingly ajar, and a lantern perched atop the stone ledge, next to it shed a yellow glow on the path.
  • Jonathan Gabbai concurred welcomingly that widgets do lend themselves to affiliate marketing.
  • As a further point there would be a welcomingly neat gender balance to having Betty Boothroyd then Michael Martin and then another lady following on.
  • You are bringing back memories long supressed and welcomingly forgotten.