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What is the meaning of web based in Hindi?

Meaning of web based in Hindi is :

Definition of word web based

Examples of word web based

  • Google will go from small productivity apps to medium sized - Watch out Salesforce and other webbased enterprise CRM.
  • But webbased shopping continued to out perfom the high street, said James Roper, chief executive at IMRG.
  • For those who follow Team Aniston or Brangelina, they can get a real time fix - pushed to their RSS/OPML hungry desktop and webbased feedreaders.
  • Anyway, for this webbased rss contextual and blog advertising to work ala TechMeme model, blog software too will need to accomodate better the needs of interactive marketers.
  • Suddenly internet users were able to use webbased applications to create content without knowing HTML.


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