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What is the meaning of wear in Hindi?

Meaning of wear in Hindi is : ज़्यादा चलना

Definition of word wear

  • To guard; watch; keep watch, especially from entry or invasion. (verb)
    पहरेदारी करना; घड़ी; निगरानी रखें, खासकर प्रवेश या आक्रमण से।
  • (in combination) clothing (such as footwear) (noun)
    (संयोजन में) कपड़े (जैसे जूते)

Examples of word wear

    • ‘boom’, ‘skipper’, ‘tafferel’, ‘to smuggle’; ‘to wear’, in the sense of veer, as when we say ‘_to wear_ a ship’; ‘skates’, too, and
    • I do think that in resort cities like Cancun, beach-type wear is fine for those that can wear it well.
    • As far as barrel wear is concerned if you are firing the same load in 2 rifles and getting faster velocity out of one than the other I really don't see how it can affect barrel life, the heat and pressure would be pretty much the same should it not?
    • I have tons of fishing caps that have brought me luck over the years, I love fishing soft plastics for bass, so the one I currently wear is a ZOOM bait cap.
    • Anyone who does not like what I wear is too bad; it's my choice.
    • Obviously, the notion of ready-to-wear is not on the table.
    • Editor's note: Ok, full disclosure, one of the other hats I wear is that of President/CEO of the Mars Institute.
    • Will Palin wear her bondage jacket today she got from Steele?