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What is the meaning of wasn in Hindi?

Meaning of wasn in Hindi is :

Definition of word wasn

Examples of word wasn

  • Monks have built schools and hospitals, but nobody realized that it was social engagement because the term wasn't there.
  • The other day I tried to download a book from my iPhone using the mobile software and it told me the title wasn't available in Australia.
  • Other times, you can find for example, he on the question of affirmative action, the term wasn't in use during his time, but he talked about preferential treatment as perhaps necessary to help victims of discrimination, you know, take their roles in society.
  • So, we're doing fine, but the label wasn't getting that.
  • If the title wasn't warning enough, digest the fact that it's a Canadian co-production.
  • She offered to resign if President Obama wanted his own appointee for the job even though her term wasn't up until June 2011.