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What is the meaning of wasn't in Hindi?

Meaning of wasn't in Hindi is :

Definition of word wasn't

  • Contraction of was not. (verb)
    का संकुचन नहीं था।

Examples of word wasn't

  • Though the term wasn't used in his time, Mr. Fuller died in 1983, he was deeply interested in biomimicry, the examination of nature and its ability to solve human problems in a sustainable way.
  • Laurence Darrow Brown--dubbed "Dobie" Gray by Sonny Bono, a rip from the TV sitcom The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis--contacted one of the company's owners, Cliff Chenfeld, to license his re-recorded hits collection, something the label wasn't keen on since we were all such music geeks happily fixated on original versions.
  • It is the memories of holidays when one of my sons wasn't included because he was lost in the maze of his addiction, and his name wasn't even mentioned because of pain, discomfort and even judgment.
  • Mr. Panetta says, for example, that the nickname wasn't learned from KSM; it was learned from somebody else, who was not in CIA custody.
  • Reports at the time said Murphy stormed out of the ceremony shortly after his name wasn't called.
  • The 15-year-old was later arrested but his name wasn't released because he is a juvenile.