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What is the meaning of vital in Hindi?

Meaning of vital in Hindi is : सजीव

Definition of word vital

Examples of word vital

  • Gretchen Ditto: Pay attention to what I call the Vital V -- the area the interviewer will look at most when you're sitting down.
  • My bracelet was one of the Stainless Steel ones that the Voices in Vital
  • The chapter that claimed his immediate attention was the one entitled Vital Precautions for the Thaumaturgist.
  • Voices in Vital America, or VIVA, a Los Angeles-based student organization that would produce and distribute the bracelets.
  • I still have the POW-MIA bracelet for Michael Shanley which I bought from VIVA (Voices in Vital America) while a college student in 1970.
  • My mom, Sherri Stephens purchased Major Appleby's bracelet from an agency called VIVA: Voices in Vital America in 1971 for $5.
  • Lawrence Helber, or any other family members that might remember VIVA (Voices in Vital America) or POW_MIA International, in
  • Born on the Fourth of July (According to Wisconsin Vital Records) 4.
  • To Iowans Care, The National League of Families, Voices in Vital American, and
  • While there, he launched the Worldwatch Papers, the annual State of the World reports, World Watch magazine, a second annual entitled Vital Signs: The Trends that are Shaping Our Future, and the Environmental Alert book series.