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What is the meaning of viscount in Hindi?

Meaning of viscount in Hindi is : वाइसकाउंट

Definition of word viscount

  • A member of the peerage above a baron but below a count or earl. (noun)

Examples of word viscount

  • Before we pull the rug out from under the Covingtons, Arthur especially, Terence needs to decide if he really wants the designation of viscount.
  • Thus the word viscount was in Latin vice-comes, in itself a terrible admission.
  • 'The viscount is not supposed to have been unrivalled in the young lady's favour.
  • But I held firm, and in the end I got a couple of old duchesses and something called a viscount (you don't pronounce the s, which I learned by putting my foot in my mouth) behind the one-way mirror.
  • The viscount is the one whose jewels you just stole.
  • The wife of a marquess is a marchioness, the wife of an earl is a countess earl is the British equivalent of count, the wife of a viscount is a viscountess, the wife of a baron is a baroness.