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What is the meaning of vigor in Hindi?

Meaning of vigor in Hindi is : प्रबलता

Definition of word vigor

  • Alternative spelling of vigour. (noun)

Examples of word vigor

  • Bella the only one trying to push their views on anyone with vigor is you: Here are other cultures views on both Homosexuality and Abortion.
  • Hybrid vigor is a well-known phenomenon responsible for increased yields in corn, and metaphorically, for the economic and cultural flourishing of civilizations that engage in foreign trade.
  • He did not know that he was himself possessed of unusual brain vigor; nor did he know that the persons who were given to probing the depths and to thinking ultimate thoughts were not to be found in the drawing rooms of the world's
  • RantingTommy says: tim may have the stamina advantage, but vigor is putting in one hell of a sprint
  • RantingTommy says: lol, vigor is trying to out-stupid tim this should be a fun contest to watch


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