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What is the meaning of vermiculite in Hindi?

Meaning of vermiculite in Hindi is : वर्मीक्यूलाइट

Definition of word vermiculite

  • A hydrated silicate mineral which expands on heating; it is used in insulation and as a medium for planting (noun)

Examples of word vermiculite

  • The name vermiculite was created from the Latin word for worm, vermiculus.
  • This year it is to be micro-plants, grown in vermiculite.
  • I need some stuff called vermiculite to condition the soil so that the roots grow well.
  • Some lightweight mineral and rock materials, such as vermiculite, diatomite and perlite are similar to micas and can be used in place of mica.
  • If seeds must be shipped over long distances, it may be possible to prolong viability somewhat by packing them in a moist, well-aerated medium, such as vermiculite or sawdust, in a perforated plastic bag inside an air-porous bag.


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