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What is the meaning of vague in Hindi?

Meaning of vague in Hindi is : हल्का

Definition of word vague

  • not clearly expressed; stated in indefinite terms. (adjective)
  • not having a precise meaning. (adjective)
  • not clearly defined, grasped, or understood; indistinct; slight. (adjective)
  • not clearly felt or sensed; somewhat subconscious. (adjective)
  • not thinking or expressing one’s thoughts clearly or precisely. (adjective)
  • lacking expression; vacant. (adjective)
  • not sharply outlined; hazy. (adjective)
  • A wandering; a vagary. (noun)

Examples of word vague

  • These _vague_ articles, intended for a more vague performance, are the things which have damned our reputation in India.
  • "Curious!" echoed Rebecca, finding the term vague even while suggestive.
  • Weber himself is at least partly to blame for this problem, for he frequently left the term vague, in spite of many attempts to clarify himself.
  • An initial draft of the resolution, prepared by France and Britain, had language, I was told, that called for the exercise of "vigilance" involving arms transfers to Syria - a word vague enough for the Russians to have agreed to it last year in the latest round of U.N. sanctions against Iran.
  • I have used the English word vague as an equivalent of that word in Japanese aimaina.


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