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What is the meaning of uxoricide in Hindi?

Meaning of uxoricide in Hindi is : भार्यावध

Definition of word uxoricide

  • One who murders his or her wife. (noun)
  • The murdering of one's own wife. (noun)

Examples of word uxoricide

  • This haste was rather forced on the story because the centrepiece of the episode was to be the trial of Bates the valet, on charges of uxoricide, and, though the series has not always been a stickler for historical accuracy, most viewers would have known that the courts knock off over the holidays.
  • In the archival materials available, uxoricide is not a fantasy but a real part of Italian Jewish life.
  • Killing the owner of the uterus that is your only current chance to get your genes into the next generation the evolutionary imperative, especially if she is caring for your current children and has a father or brothers who take exception to your uxoricide, is an excellent way to a dead end personally and genealogically.
  • D. 160, brought an action of uxoricide against Herodes, but failed to prove his case.
  • Bangalore: An undertrial accused of uxoricide allegedly committed suicide in the Parappana Agrahara central jail on Wednesday night.


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