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What is the meaning of utters in Hindi?

Meaning of utters in Hindi is :

Definition of word utters

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of utter. (verb)

Examples of word utters

  • The GOP is made up of far too many moribund cave dwellers who cheer when Palin utters inanities.
  • On the Iran question, knowing every syllable he utters is going to be parsed and decoded in Tehran and elsewhere, the delivery of the answer slowed down to the pace of a chess game. wiley Says:
  • Pretty much everything she utters is a LIE, DECEPTION and I am sorry to see so many people falling for this
  • Everything that fool utters is either driven by MOONIES, or the VanAndel and DeVos families … MOONIES, MOONIES, MOONIES … every one of them.
  • I agree with Giacomo, everything that W utters is is really stupid.
  • Nevermind the fact that every sentence he utters is a puzzle.
  • Every word the drunken guru writing consultant (obviously a failed and frustrated writer himself) utters is gospel.
  • Indeed, notwithstanding the attempts I so frequently make of writing some of the Captain's conversation, I can only give you a faint idea of his language; for almost every other word he utters is accompanied by an oath, which, I am sure, would be as unpleasant for you to read, as for me to write: and, besides, he makes use of a thousand sea-terms, which are to me quite unintelligible.
  • Allah creates everything from nothingness; if Allah desires to create something, He just utters the Arabic word "kun" or "let it be", and the desired object gets shape; it becomes a reality.
  • Nancy Pelosi detracts from the sum knowledge of mankind every time she utters a word.