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What is the meaning of utterer in Hindi?

Meaning of utterer in Hindi is : वक्ता

Definition of word utterer

  • One who utters (something) (noun)
    जो बोलता है (कुछ)

Examples of word utterer

  • Remarks not obnoxious, but so off they are proof the utterer is a hateful snake.
  • Whether words are uttered on paper or to the air, the effect on the utterer is the same.
  • The committee did not officially know why the apparently inconsequential reference to soda-water at the Wimberger should move Deputy Gregorig to call the utterer of it a cowardly blatherskite; still, after proper deliberation, it was of the opinion that the House ought to formally censure the whole business.
  • After that came a farrago of Chinese, so like the voice of Ah Moy, that again, though for the last time, Michael sought about the steerage for the utterer.
  • You might equally well choose "Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair" as a catchphrase: a good strong line until you set it in the context of Shelley's "Ozymandias," which reduces its utterer to a broken statue in an empty desert.
  • You seem to really like taking phrases out of context and then accusing the utterer of racism.
  • (I'm the utterer, and the utterer always counts as familiar and well established in the discourse.)
  • I believe that every single utterance of a DLC talking point should earn the utterer a tab of Ecstasy.
  • Its utterer, Kanye West, has since softened his stance.