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What is the meaning of utter in Hindi?

Meaning of utter in Hindi is : सम्पूर्ण

Definition of word utter

  • To say (verb)
    कहने को
  • Further out; further away, outside. (adverb)
    और आगे; अधिक दूर, बाहर।

Examples of word utter

    • IV. iv.330 (346,1) [_That doth utter all mens 'wear-a_] To _utter_.
    • After witnessing first hand what he calls the utter failure of our current policies of drug prohibition -- marijuana in particular -- he cites unnecessary prison growth, increased taxes, increased crime and corruption, and the loss of civil liberties as the unhealthy side effects of an anemic policy in need of drastic reform.
    • Looking at what he called "utter obliteration," he vowed that the community will rebuild.
    • Some residents fought back tears as they told the City Council about how police impounded their cars with what they described as utter indifference to extraordinary circumstances and medical emergencies.
    • If you really don't like it for whatever reason, well, you can't actually return it like a CD, but I'm going to take you on your word that you deleted it from your hard drive in utter disdain, and allow you to ask for a replacement of equal value.
    • The Chamber is an exercise in utter brainlessness.
    • She called the police from her mobile phone as she stood there in utter terror and shortly after officer Mohab came to her rescue.
    • As opposed to say, the Bush Administration, where every American woman, man and child, lived in utter peace and tranquility … ….
    • Many intelligent, independent women today are in utter denial as to their true skin tone, wasting oodles of their life stood in paper knickers in a portable tent being sprayed Walnut.
    • The public trial will likely reveal that the veteran FBI interrogation term left Cheney's handpicked blackwater torture wannabe's in utter disgust over their incompetence and tactics.