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What is the meaning of utilizable in Hindi?

Meaning of utilizable in Hindi is : व्यवहार्य

Definition of word utilizable

  • Able to be utilized (adjective)

Examples of word utilizable

  • As a university scholar with a hectic life, I can see this being a very utilizable thing to get.
  • If the utilizable aspects of a particular coursebook are judged to be very thinly applicable to a situation, why not dispense with it completely and tell people to save their money?
  • Photosynthesis is an important process because it harnesses the sun's energy into utilizable forms of energy on earth.
  • “Restrict all carbohydrates to 72 utilizable grams per day.
  • All participants in the research/transfer process pull together to produce utilizable knowledge, and to get it diffused and adopted by farm people.
  • The total surface flow, including regenerating flow from groundwater and the flow from neighboring countries, is estimated at 1,869 cubic kilometers per year (km3/year), of which only 690 km3 are considered as utilizable in view of the constraints of the present technology for water storage and inter-state issues.
  • The criteria to be adopted in the allocation of the utilizable portion of water resources of common interest between the two countries;
  • However, the triple N-N bond makes N2 almost inert, and only a few microorganisms have the capability to utilize (fix) N2, converting it to the more easily utilizable combined nitrogen forms – initially ammonia (NH3), or its protonated species, ammonium (NH4+) that is terminally oxidized to nitrate (NO3 -) by nitrifying bacteria.
  • In his heart of hearts he rather despised this species of composition, entertaining the notion that it was something to be done quickly, if at all, and utilizable to please the groundlings.