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What is the meaning of usefully in Hindi?

Meaning of usefully in Hindi is : हितकर ढंग से या रूप मे

Definition of word usefully

  • In a useful manner; in a way that achieves something (adverb)
    उपयोगी तरीके से; एक तरह से जो कुछ हासिल करता है

Examples of word usefully

  • Those who enjoy the show inhabit that world, and presumably wish to continue living there, and thus the mockery of its manifestations and assumptions remain usefully "corrective," reminding them that it can all be quite ridiculous.
  • Long empty streets, red, orange, golden leaves, sunlight and moonlight almost become actors in usefully letting the Halloween (the holiday) feel be so present.
  • The frieze, too, affords a means of contrast in line to the line system of the field of the wall, its horizontal expression usefully opposing the verticals or diagonals of the wall pattern below.
  • Never mind, I'm sure it kept a number of civil servants "usefully" employed for a few years.
  • A second reason for the shortfall in our nation’s intellectual resources is what Thomson, as good a guide as one could have along the march to folly, called “the effectiveness trap,” a phrase that usefully defines the reluctance to depart further from the mainstream of discussion than is considered appropriate.
  • The sum of £113 million, you see - even if shared among a small syndicate - isn't the kind of usefully sensible amount that could pay for a kitchen extension or a nice car: it's a proper, gigantic explosion of silly money, catapulting its gob-smacked winner or winners into the rarefied world of the international super-rich.
  • The situation, though, is not hopeless, as American religion can be usefully analyzed using a taxonomic system that, to paraphrase Albert Einstein, is as simple as possible, but no simpler.
  • Although historic and historical have some overlap in meaning, they are usefully differentiated.