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What is the meaning of useful in Hindi?

Meaning of useful in Hindi is : लाभप्रद

Definition of word useful

  • Having a practical or beneficial use. (adjective)

Examples of word useful

  • In this workshop, children are invited to make educational and useful toys - ‘useful’ in the sense that they help with a child’s early development, providing stimulation, exercise, use of the senses, and learning of skills.
  • Let a child be employed -- take an interest in his employment, let him fancy that he is useful -- _and he is useful_, he is laying in a stock of health.
  • Exactly the same difficulty arises, when we endeavour to account for the development of the moral sense or conscience in savage man; for although the _practice_ of benevolence, honesty, or truth, may have been useful to the tribe possessing these virtues, that does not at all account for the peculiar _sanctity_, attached to actions which each tribe considers right and moral, as contrasted with the very different feelings with which they regard what is merely _useful_.
  • Carnot’s experiments also showed that thermodynamic laws are essentially economic formulations of physical relations, for the terms ’useful’ and ’unavailable’ energy refer to the economy’s ability to use energy to upgrade the organizational state of natural resources into useful goods and services.
  • The word useful came out with a spiteful, bitter twist.
  • Stalin was possibly an atheist however I doubt he would even consider the term useful as he was a communist above all.
  • The right invented the term useful idiot to describe those who were being used and manipulated by the commies.
  • Read THE ANTI-WAR NUMBERS GAME, archived below. tadair919 you ever hear the term useful idiots? that's when people ally themselves with the naive because they dutifully tow the same line. it's ...