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What is the meaning of unwelcome in Hindi?

Meaning of unwelcome in Hindi is : नापसन्द/अप्रिय/अनिष्ट

Definition of word unwelcome

  • Not welcome (adjective)
    स्वागत नहीं

Examples of word unwelcome

  • Broadway star Lea Salonga, who lives in the area, responded with outrage and took to the Internet to condemn what she called an unwelcome intrusion into her bedroom.
  • The extended timeline has civil groups furious over what they describe as the unwelcome presence of a foreign military force in Haiti.
  • Putting up a sign that says that people of a certain political persuasion are unwelcome is tantamount to refusing patients.
  • The Europa League is often described as an unwelcome distraction for English clubs but the exact opposite has been true for Birmingham City.
  • However, using a "minority space" to make a privileged individual feel uncomfortable about themselves or to feel unwelcome is not acceptable.