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What is the meaning of unusual in Hindi?

Meaning of unusual in Hindi is : विचित्र

Definition of word unusual

  • Unlike what is expected; differing in some way from the norm. (adjective)
  • More than usual. (adjective)

Examples of word unusual

  • According to the cable obtained by the website WikiLeaks, U.S. officials reported that Israel worked with the Chilean government to monitor what it called "unusual activity" by Iran's envoy to Santiago.
  • He noted that the city's wealthiest ZIP Codes—Fifth Avenue, Park, Central Park West—are in its geographic center rather than along its edges, which he described as unusual.
  • To this he adds what he calls unusual circumstances, including "the fruits and tailwinds of globalization, billions of people added to the labor supply, new factories and productivity coming from places it had never come from before."
  • Back in bed, Walters said he heard the dog bark once, which he characterized as unusual.
  • They like to do what they call unusual things; they like to shock people -- think it's smart.


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