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What is the meaning of unuseful in Hindi?

Meaning of unuseful in Hindi is : अनुपयोगी

Definition of word unuseful

  • Not useful; useless. (adjective)

Examples of word unuseful

  • "unuseful" -- to be outside the boundaries of legal protection.
  • Just like visual basic apps, while you will probably get some very nice addons, most produced using this will probably be "unuseful".
  • All wineries are on slabs, and even if they do not lose all their wine, it would be likely that some buildings will simply become unuseful because they need to be reconstructed from the ground up.
  • So … an untensil would perhaps be an unuseful tool?
  • This has the effect, not unuseful, of limiting the desire for it and making you less grasping.
  • My reasoning: While historical parallels and analogies can be problematic, they are not altogether unuseful.