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What is the meaning of unsuitable in Hindi?

Meaning of unsuitable in Hindi is : नाकाबिल

Definition of word unsuitable

  • Not suitable; unfit; inappropriate. (adjective)
    उपयुक्त नहीं; अयोग्य; अनुपयुक्त।

Examples of word unsuitable

  • The next step is also to identify children living with 1 parent but in unsuitable conditions.
  • That fact alone makes Mr Hain unsuitable for high office.
  • Rand Simberg reflects on the delayed apocalypse as well as the inadvisability of having a name unsuitable to one's gender.
  • “I think I understand your definition of unsuitable.”
  • Blaine was a rare raconteur and his talk had this great merit: never did I hear him tell a story or speak a word unsuitable for any, even the most fastidious company to hear.