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What is the meaning of unguent in Hindi?

Meaning of unguent in Hindi is : मरहम

Definition of word unguent

  • any cream containing medicinal ingredients applied to the skin for therapeutic purposes (noun)

Examples of word unguent

  • Now, Sharpe, the fly in our unguent is the fact these royal guards are all Irish.
  • Sure, someone recently offered to send me some kind of unguent to evaluate, but I declined.
  • Two assistants of the torturer bathed the lacerated shoulders of the culprit, applied to them some kind of unguent which immediately closed the wounds, and threw over his back a yellow cloth shaped like a chasuble; Pierrat Torterue meanwhile letting the blood drain from the lashes of his scourge in great drops on to the ground.
  • This powerful emmenagogue was a kind of unguent composed of several drugs, such as saffron, myrrh, etc., compounded with virgin honey.
  • I don't know about you guys, but I'm still having trouble with the word "salvific" It just sounds like some kind of unguent to me …


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