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What is the meaning of unemployment in Hindi?

Meaning of unemployment in Hindi is : बेरोज़गारी

Definition of word unemployment

  • The state of having no job; joblessness. (noun)
  • The phenomenon of joblessness in an economy. (noun)
  • The level of joblessness in an economy, often measured as a percentage of the workforce. (noun)
  • A type of joblessness due to a particular economic mechanism. (noun)
  • An instance or period of joblessness. (noun)

Examples of word unemployment

  • The increase in unemployment is due to the auto makers and their many thousands of related industrial jobs that depend on the auto industry returning to fiscal stability.
  • Interestingly if you actually read the latest Neumark & Wascher paper on the minimum wage -- rather then just the very misleading abstract -- you see that their latest research shows that the only group to suffer a rise in unemployment from a rise in the minimum wage are black teenager males.
  • Bernanke asserted that the post-recession rise in unemployment is mostly due to "the sharp contraction in economic activity that occurred in the wake of the financial crisis and the continuing shortfall of aggregate demand since then."
  • The Nation's Unemployed Follow the change in unemployment from the beginning of the recession.
  • While the absolute level of unemployment does have an impact on elections, the 1934 midterms show that change in unemployment is the more important number.


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