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What is the meaning of undesirable in Hindi?

Meaning of undesirable in Hindi is : निरर्थक

Definition of word undesirable

  • objectionable or not likely to please (adjective)
  • an undesirable person (noun)

Examples of word undesirable

    • The label "undesirable" has been attached to this World War II veteran's military records for more than 60 years, simply because he was kicked out for being gay.
    • The idea that the U.S. government somehow created HIV to kill African-Americans, gays, and other what they call undesirable groups, according to this conspiracy theory.
    • "My primary concern is resources," said the commissioner, who blamed the economic crisis for keeping staffing at what he called undesirable levels.
    • How do we ensure that age or skin color or national origin or harmless mannerisms will not also become the basis for distinguishing the undesirable from the desirable?
    • Loss of the home/living in undesirable living conditions
    • I've been skeptical at claims that PowerPoint dictates a certain undesirable structure upon it's users, but after working with a blog, I'm starting to think there may be something to that idea.
    • Was Rebecca wise to have a child knowing the odds her offspring would inherit certain undesirable traits?