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What is the meaning of understood in Hindi?

Meaning of understood in Hindi is : समझा गया

Definition of word understood

  • Of things which have been comprehended. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of understand. (verb)
  • Indicates comprehension on the part of the speaker. (interjection)

Examples of word understood

  • I found English audiences just as quick, just as appreciative and even more enthusiastic than our American audiences -- _if you talked about things they understood and in words they understood_.
  • "Community economic development is a term used quite often in Washington, but it is a term understood best by the dedicated community partners like Accion who commit to more opportunity for small business development," Doggett said in a prepared statement.
  • The text seen by the Guardian talked of a "legal instrument applicable to all parties", a phrase understood to be acceptable to the US and the EU, though it is weaker than a "legally binding" commitment.
  • I really have to wonder if the person who wrote the title understood the irony in referring to an effort to stop undisclosed sponsored speech, as trying to kill _free_ speech.
  • French politicians have defended their health system as an ideal synthesis of solidarity and liberalism (a term understood in much of Europe to mean market-based economic systems), lying between Britain's "nationalized" health service, where there is too much rationing, and the United States '"competitive" system, where too many people have no health insurance.