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What is the meaning of unbalance in Hindi?

Meaning of unbalance in Hindi is : संतुलन बिगाड़ देना

Definition of word unbalance

  • To cause to be out of balance. (verb)

Examples of word unbalance

  • Now steroids unbalance athletic competition at a level that VASTLY exceeds anything amphetamines or improved surgery could ever hope to.
  • Fox News is BLIND and are unbalance, they only favor Republicans. addon
  • Our experience of Harold Pinter's The Dumb Waiter, directed by Landon Johnson for Vespertine Productions at The Flight Theatre at The Complex Theatres, is not so much that of a fly on a wall; a fly's buzz would unbalance Johnson's tersely orchestrated suspense tale of two hit men in a Birmingham basement.
  • I see a pattern, that not fair and balance more like unbalance, influnce. .killing, buggings, unamerican action, gun totting, calling the President name in front of the rest of the world go figure, i spent 21 years in the military for freedom of speech, and this is how they repay me and all service members
  • Molecule man Vs. Sentry the battle of the unbalance minds
  • Forcing small businesses to take on the same costs and tax burdens as national retail businesses is unrealistic, unfair and will "unbalance the playing field" between giant retailers and small-business retailers on the Internet, Mr. Cohen said at Wednesday's hearing.
  • Monopolistic deflationary pressure can unbalance market forces in exactly the same way that state price fixing can.