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What is the meaning of ulterior in Hindi?

Meaning of ulterior in Hindi is : बाह्य

Definition of word ulterior

  • beyond what is obvious or evident (adjective)
  • being intentionally concealed so as to deceive (adjective)
  • happening later; subsequent (adjective)

Examples of word ulterior

  • What have the six points, right or wrong, to do with the question whether they can be obtained by moral force, and the pressure of opinion alone, or require what we call ulterior measures to get them carried?
  • Which, come to think of it, is probably the main ulterior reason that I can't imagine doing the 48 hour book challenge ...
  • I cannot say that considerations which from the temperamental point of view might be described as ulterior had never suggested themselves to Miss Bell.
  • Hence a type of reflective egoism has taken the place of animal gratification, and the idea of ulterior benefit has succeeded to that of immediate pleasure.
  • I noticed in one compartment some admirable traceries in solid oak, and before the high altar an elaborate gilt-bronze lamp -- the gift of the wife of Louis Phillippe; but the most brilliant portion of the ulterior is the fresco painting.


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