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What is the meaning of true in Hindi?

Meaning of true in Hindi is : स्वाभाविक

Definition of word true

  • Conforming to the actual state of reality or fact; factually correct. (adjective)
    वास्तविकता या तथ्य की वास्तविक स्थिति के अनुरूप; तथ्यात्मक रूप से सही।
  • Accurately. (adverb)
    सटीक रूप से।
  • Truth. (noun)

Examples of word true

  • I enquired of him the meaning of those affidavits --- and whether the facts therein stated were true -- to which the said Ketcham answered, that _they were true_ -- but said he did not expect it would have been made public.
  • In the following figure, P is the pole of the earth; E the pole of the ecliptic; L the pole of the lunar orbit; V the mean position of the pole of the vortex at the time; the angle  ♈ EL the true longitude of the pole of the lunar orbit, equal to the _true_ longitude of the ascending node
  • All these forces had helped to make the doctrine of illicit love acceptable in these early days of the Anti-christ reign, so that it was only among the little gatherings of true Believers, that marriage was sanctified into the sacrament it had been in the _good, true_ old days.
  • Method, in whichever light we may choose to view them, that so far from being the best or the only true Method or Process of intellectual investigation, the Inductive is far inferior to the _true Deductive_
  • But the patch itself, like everything else in the world of sense, is of a radically different kind from the things that are true or false, and therefore cannot properly be said to be _true_.
  • To give me a true account of all that happened at the Abbey Grange last night -- a _true_ account, mind you, with nothing added and nothing taken off.
  • If the man in question have thoughts which are socially true, _he must himself know that they are true_.
  • It is _fit_ to be true, it would be _well if it were true_, it _ought_ to be true, you presently feel.
  • She was true to him yet! he would say: yes, he used the word! he said _true!
  • We think of Him as true to His _promises_, do we think of Him, also, as _true to His threatenings_?