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What is the meaning of treat in Hindi?

Meaning of treat in Hindi is : से बर्ताव करना

Definition of word treat

Examples of word treat

  • (And Trig or Treat is right about the low-sale, high-priced monograph as the building block of an academic career in the humanities.)
  • Trick ‘r Treat is a damn good horror film – borrowing tones and paying homage to the ol’ scare-fests of old – but it is more importantly a seasonal celebration.
  • Trick-or-Treat is tonight and I have a ton of candy to pass out, so I won't be able to go until late tonight.
  • In substantiation of my assertion concerning the extermination of Poles, may I read to you excerpts from a letter from Poland received and read by the Polish Commander-in-Chief in Treat Britain, and written by the women of Poland?
  • Read-and-Treat is tonight in Selah – Yakima Herald Republic


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