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What is the meaning of transesterification in Hindi?

Meaning of transesterification in Hindi is :

Definition of word transesterification

  • The reaction of an ester with an alcohol in order to replace the alkoxy group; it is used in the synthesis of polyesters and in the production of biodiesel (noun)

Examples of word transesterification

  • The oil is transformed through a process called transesterification, which removes glycerine and adds methanol, leaving a thinner product that can power a diesel engine.
  • Currently biodiesel is produced by a process called transesterification where the vegetable oil or animal fat is first filtered, then processed with alkali to remove free faty acids.
  • Biodiesel is made through a chemical process called transesterification, whereby glycerin is separated from fat or vegetable oil, according to the National Biodiesel Board.
  • Fuller said biodiesel is made through a process called transesterification, which involves a chemical reaction on the vegetable oil leaving glycerin and biodiesel behind.
  • Once the oil is extracted from the seeds, a chemical reaction called transesterification will be used to produce biodiesel and glycerin, a byproduct that can be used in soaps, lotions and other products.


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