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What is the meaning of transcribed in Hindi?

Meaning of transcribed in Hindi is :

Definition of word transcribed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of transcribe. (verb)

Examples of word transcribed

  • 13-14In both these lines, the word transcribed as “when” may be “where.”
  • Monthly Magazine and Universal Register: We shall feel happy if the introduction of the following notice transcribed from the Bury Post, shall serve to promote its object – – the relieving of a modest and worthy man and an ingenious poet from difficulties under which we regret to learn that he at present labours:
  • As many commentators have remarked, automatic authority checking both for correction of mistakes and for collocation in the presence of variation ONLY works if the information is both transcribed from the piece into the bibliographical record and the correct/authorized/standard form established in an authority file.
  • Some interesting quotations that I transcribed from the trailer:
  • This is my parents, in their own words, transcribed from a conversation I had with them on December 26th, 2005:
  • Just as it makes no difference whether a battle scene is transcribed from a dream, loosely translated from Sanskrit, or the result of fifteen drafts.