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What is the meaning of touch in Hindi?

Meaning of touch in Hindi is : हिलाना

Definition of word touch

  • Primarily physical senses. (verb)
  • Primarily non-physical senses. (verb)
  • An act of touching, especially with the hand or finger. (noun)
  • The faculty or sense of perception by physical contact. (noun)
  • The style or technique with which one plays a musical instrument. (noun)
  • A distinguishing feature or characteristic. (noun)
  • A little bit; a small amount. (noun)
  • The part of a sports field beyond the touchlines or goal-lines. (noun)
  • A relationship of close communication or understanding. (noun)
  • An ability to perform a task (noun)

Examples of word touch

  • It seemed to take him a long time to touch bottom, and when he had, he wondered if _touch_ was quite the word.
  • By means of the nerves terminating in the touch corpuscles, the skin serves as the _organ of touch_, or feeling
  • "So brilliant," said she, "so short-lived, as my friend Lady Emmeline K---- once said, 'London wit is like gas, which lights at a touch, and at a touch can be extinguished;'" and Lady Davenant concluded with a compliment to him who was known to have this "_touch and go_" of good conversation to perfection.
  • Slide 9: Word Work  un+ touch+ ed = untouched - not to touch  un + know +
  • I gotta put my hands on those motors -- touch 'em -- I mean really _touch 'em_ -- then I know what to do! "


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