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What is the meaning of topic in Hindi?

Meaning of topic in Hindi is : विषय

Definition of word topic

  • topical (adjective)
  • Subject; theme; a category or general area of interest. (noun)
  • discussion thread (noun)

Examples of word topic

  • I've been setting the value fo the parent using passed URL params when the template is used to create a page. % META { "parent" format = "$topic" dontrecurse = "on"} % displays the parent of a topic:
  • $topic (35, ...) to truncate overly long topic names.
  • Chinese friends become silent when a certain topic is mentioned, or dismiss it with a few words.
  • David Mamet does not so much explore the title topic of his new play as eviscerate it.
  • Blogs and bloggers are everywhere on the net, no topic is short for them.


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