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What is the meaning of tonic in Hindi?

Meaning of tonic in Hindi is : स्वास्थ्यवर्धक

Definition of word tonic

Examples of word tonic

  • Popular bartender Patrice Hammond, usually found in Tonic's basement on weekends, serves drinks in Tonic Up Top's bay window bar on Tuesday nights.
  • With her collaborator, Swanson, a chemist, they created a “fluffy” face cream called Venetian Cream Amoretta, and a corresponding lotion, named Arden Skin Tonic, which revolutionized cosmetics, bringing a scientific approach to formulations.
  • Gaijin Tonic: Another British blogger, this time drinking his way through life in Japan.
  • I hope I can rely on Roaf at Gaijin Tonic to break most of these rules at this year’s bounenkai!
  • He was an All-American volleyball player at SC, national champ, and went back to his music, and is with a group called Tonic, who's first album went platinum, and then he wasn't seeing his family enough, pretty good kid, and left the group to stay home.


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