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What is the meaning of tone in Hindi?

Meaning of tone in Hindi is : स्वास्थ्य

Definition of word tone

  • A specific pitch. (noun)
  • (in the diatonic scale) An interval of a major second. (noun)
  • (in a Gregorian chant) A recitational melody. (noun)
  • The character of a sound, especially the timbre of an instrument or voice. (noun)
  • General character, mood, or trend. (noun)
  • The pitch of a word that distinguishes a difference in meaning, for example in Chinese. (noun)
  • The manner in which speech or writing is expressed. (noun)
  • The shade or quality of a colour. (noun)
  • The definition and firmness of a muscle or organ. see also: tonus (noun)
  • The state of a living body or of any of its organs or parts in which the functions are healthy and performed with due vigor. (noun)
  • Normal tension or responsiveness to stimuli. (noun)
  • to give a particular tone to (verb)
  • to change the colour of (verb)
  • to make (something) firmer (verb)
  • to harmonize, especially in colour (verb)
  • The one (of two). (pronoun)

Examples of word tone

  • Because the tone can be heard on pairs other than the one you put it on, when tone or tone+ are inappropriate.
  • _Leading tone_ -- the tone which demands resolution to the tonic (one-half step above it).
  • There is no particular basis for this theory, for although all scales must of course begin with the key-tone or tonic, this tonic may be referred to by any syllable which will serve as a basis for an association process enabling one to feel the force of the tone as a closing point -- a _home tone_.
  • Many teachers are replacing the word _chromatic_ in this sense with the term _intermediate tone_, this term being applicable whether the foreign tone is actually used for ornamental purposes as a _chromatic_, or to effect a modulation.
  • It's all tone with Chopin -- _tone_, my child, even in the most bravura passages.


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