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What is the meaning of tomatillo in Hindi?

Meaning of tomatillo in Hindi is :
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Definition of word tomatillo

  • A species of ground cherry (Physalis ixocarpa) native to Mexico, widely naturalized in eastern North America, and having an edible, yellow to purple viscid fruit. (noun)
  • The fruit of this plant. (noun)

Examples of word tomatillo

  • (The word "tomatillo" is not used in Mexican markets.)
  • Anyway, once you pull off the papery wrapping, the tomatillo is sticky and often has black specks on it from where the original blossom withered against the fruit.
  • Enchiladas in tomatillo cream sauce: Enchiladas suizas by
  • Enchiladas in tomatillo cream sauce: Enchiladas suizas: Mexican Recipe
  • In the USA and other English-speaking places, the tomate is known as tomatillo (note that the English word ends in 'o').

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